#writephoto Flight

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Well, it’s definitely Thursday now! And with it comes Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge, one of my favourite bloggy writing prompts. This week, it’s another evocative picture…


We reach, soaring

Wings wide against the storm that thunders

Deep around us, rumbling in our hearts,

Ruffling our feathers.

Sometimes we catch an updraft, and float, the world beneath us falling away

At other times we plummet

No wind to hold us

The old ways gleam

Below us, deep within the landscape

Like twisting veins of precious ore, waiting

To be discovered.

Sometimes we follow, sometimes we’re guided, sometimes we lose our way

But when the wind holds us

Soaring, we reach.

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12 responses to “#writephoto Flight”

  1. Great use of the prompt!

  2. Sanjuna says:

    Motivational post????????

  3. Sue Vincent says:

    Superb, Helen.
    I could do no other than love this interpretation. x

  4. willowdot21 says:

    Beautiful, inspired

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