Highgate Cemetery, London – A Few More Photos

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My Wednesday Wander this week was a very popular one, something about the wonderful funerary architecture and creeping ivy at Highgate Cemetery striking a chord with many of you.

So, as I wasn’t able to share all my photos in the post, I thought I’d post a few more for those who might be interested.

This lovely Art Deco style stone belongs to a movie producer with the fabulous name of Hercules Bellville.

While this lion stands guard over the grave of a man who made his living exhibiting ‘exotic’ animals during the 19th century.

This is the grave of Malcolm MacLaren, which features his death mask for that extra little je-ne-sais-quoi.

And here is a rather interesting literary gravestone.

There are so many more interesting gravestones – I could have taken hundreds of photos, I think! If you’d like to go there and see for yourself, here is the link: https://highgatecemetery.org/

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  1. Great pictures of an amazing looking cemetery. I’m intrigued by Malcolm McLaren’s headstone – I once went to a talk he gave (well before 2010! :-)) He spent the better part of an evening literally rambling on about nothing, during which time he explained that his mode of artistic expression was to cause an audience to pay money and deliver them… nothing. There had been a lawsuit during the ‘Sex Pistols’ era over the fact that they were delivering just that – nothing. I kind of ‘got’ it but after about four hours my wife and I joined a steady trickle of audience departing. Apparently he continued to talk until the venue shut him down, owing to it being midnight and the staff had to go home.

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks for the link and the post! You guys have super regal names on your side of the pond LOL! 😀

  3. Louise Allan says:

    These are wonderful, but I love old cemeteries. Highgate Cemetery will be my #1 spot to visit next time I get to London! 🙂

  4. Allie P. says:

    I love that quote on the McLaren stone.

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