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The Heart of Things

The other day I experienced something entirely new as a writer. I finished writing a book. And by finished, I […]

The Liebster Award

Well, this is fun! I’ve just been nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely Paola Crespo – thank you […]

Bang On Trend

I had an interesting response from an agent the other day. First, some back story: While I’ve been working on […]

Short and Sweet

Hi everyone! Just a short post today – I’ve just written another guest blog for the Bloomsbury Writers & Artists […]

The (Good) Old Days

  I love watching old music videos. When I say old, I guess I mean the ones from my youth, […]

Working With An Editor

Further to yesterday’s blog post and also in response to a comment, I thought I’d write a little more about […]


I’m currently working with an editor on the first book in my Ambeth series, Oak and Mist, getting it ready […]

Oh So Emotional

Often when I’m writing I find myself sitting at the computer with my face screwed up, squirming in my chair […]

Playing Games

My daughter and I have a game we play on the way to school. It’s a game we came up […]

Spicing Things Up

Recently I’ve been pondering the use of description in my own work, especially as I run through edits to a […]

On A Sombre Note…

I was going to write about Charlie Hebdo, and then I wondered what I could add to the many eloquent […]

Planning Ahead

Happy New Year! I’ve blogged about this before, the way it feels when the gorgeous child goes back to school, […]