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Be Like Water

I was reminded of this phrase the other day. It is from a quote by the late great Bruce Lee […]


I’ve just realised that this week marks a year since I started blogging. Things have changed quite a bit in […]

Into The Blue

I went to the woods the other day. I love the woods – they have always been a place of […]

May The Fourth Be With You

Oh yes. Today is the day when I share with you my deep and abiding love for the original three […]

The Joy Of Reading

So here’s something interesting. The paperback version of Oak and Mist is outselling the e-book version by more than two-to-one. […]

Clearing My Mind

Most days I count my blessings as I sit down at my computer, happy to be writing, to have my […]

Herding Cats

So, I’ve been doing a little editing recently. I have six books on the go at the moment – the […]

Ten Days

Ten days. It’s not a great deal of time. Less than two weeks, one third of a month. Yet it […]

Over The Hills and Far Away

I am taking a little break from blogging. Just for a few days. A trip to the mountains beckons, and […]

A Piece of Sky

I found this flint some time ago. Split open, it lay upon the path where I walked. It looks as […]

Treasure Hunting

Last summer my husband, daughter and I went metal detecting in our local woods. Of course we had dreams of […]

Spreading My Wings

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’ Lao Tzu I made my first tweet the other […]