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The Biggest Blogging Event of The Year is HERE #BloggersBash

I’m going to this! Looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers – hope to see you there 🙂

Ghosts of My Grandfather

My grandfather died in his church. For many years he was vicar there, the ancient village surrounding it dating back […]

Helping Hands

It’s been a busy week. I’m finalising my structural edit on No Quarter before it goes to my editor, plus […]

An Observation, Part 5 – A Glimpse of Snow

It was a hot Melbourne day, the kind where the air is heavy and damp before 9am, holding the city […]

A Quiet Week

After my good weekend, it seems to have been a quiet week. It’s half term so you would expect I’d […]

A Good Weekend

This has been a good weekend for a variety of reasons. First is the result from Ireland, where the population […]

The Perils Of Being A Pantser

I’ve said this before – I am a Pantser. When I start writing I have an idea, maybe a couple […]

An Observation – Part 4 – The Fighter

Hot. Sweat and heat and hurt as fists fly, looking for an opening. Water slick under the plastic coated shin […]

Head Full Of Words

This morning I woke with a head full of words. Dancing around, they refused to let me back to sleep […]

Good For The Soul

There are places we go that are good for the soul. For me it tends to be high windswept places, […]

Seasons Change

A couple of months ago I posted an image I’d taken at a park near my house. The sky was […]

Freestyle Writing Challenge

Today I received a message from the lovely Eilis Niamh stating that she’d tagged me to take part in a […]