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A Gift

It’s no secret that I like to write. These days, it’s my main creative outlet and likely to remain so, […]

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 5 – The Fairy Mountain

At the end of last summer we visited Ireland, staying at a small village on the coast just outside Sligo. […]

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 4 – Ruthin Castle

‘Look, there’s a peacock.’ ‘Oh, like a statue of one?’ My Australian husband frowns, shading his brow as he looks […]

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – Day 3 – Joy

The joy of being three years old. Of dancing in a rose garden, scattering petals from small hands. An Angelina […]

Five Photos Five Stories Challenge – Day 2 – Sorrento Car Ferry

This photo was taken where I used to live, on one of the curving arms of land that form Port […]

Five Photos Five Stories Challenge – Day 1 – Berber Tent

Morocco. Camels walking alongside the dusty road, a small market stall piled high with bright oranges, green leaves still attached. […]

The Big What If

I was speaking with a friend the other day. One of my oldest friends of all, the one who’s known […]


I had surgery last week. I won’t discuss the details here – I’ll only say that it was necessary, that […]

Opening The Gates

So I’ve been thinking about this for a little while. About the concept of creativity and the different forms it […]

A Monday Update

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend 🙂 Just a very quick post today, linking to a guest […]

Live In Hope

The other day I received a rejection letter. It was fine, as they go. It addressed me by name, offered […]

Reading Out Loud

On Tuesday night I participated in my very first author event. I know – exciting, right? It was very exciting […]