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A Friday Update

The first week of school holidays is almost over – too bad the gorgeous girl and I have spent much […]

Thursday Doors – Hemel Hempstead Old Town

This is not the first door I’ve featured from our local Old Town, which has buildings dating back to the […]

Wednesday Wander – EMP, Seattle, USA

The EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington was designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry and is a wonderful example of […]

Three Days Three Quote Challenge – Day Three

And so I come to the final day of my Three Quote Challenge (courtesy of Meredith at Mezzalilly’s Teen Book […]

It's Time For All Bloggers To Unite – A Bloggers Bash Announcement

The Bloggers Bash is coming soon – bloggers of the world unite! Or at least, come to London for a […]

Three Days Three Quote Challenge – Day 2

This is the second of my three quotes, and once again thanks to Meredith at Mezzalilly’s Teen Book Reviews for […]

Three Days Three Quote Challenge – Day 1

I was recently tagged by Meredith of Mezzalilly’s Teen Book Reviews to participate in the Three Days Three Quotes Challenge. […]

In Praise Of Libraries

So today something kind of cool happened. My daughter was using my phone and decided to Google Oak and Mist. […]

Guest Post: C.S. Boyack – The Importance of Research in Speculative Fiction

Today Craig Boyack, author of C.S Boyack’s Experimental Notebook and his newest release, The Playground, is visiting Journey to Ambeth […]

Thursday Doors – NatWest Building, Coventry

These rather impressive stainless steel doors are the secondary entrance to the NatWest Building on Hertford St in Coventry. According […]

Wednesday Wander – Venice, Italy

I recently wrote a piece of flash fiction for one of Sacha Black’s Writespirations, and it seemed to take place […]

#BlogBattle – Leviathan

This is my entry to Rachael Ritchey’s Blog Battle. This week’s word was ‘Leviathan’, and it took me straight out […]