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Making Magic

It’s been a funny sort of month. A mixed bag, if you will. Oh, nothing too full on awful – […]

#writephoto – Spiral

This morning I woke to the internet being down. Completely off. A recorded announcement from my supplier when I called […]

Nominations for Bloggers Bash Awards Are Now OPEN!

Ooh, the nominations are now open for the Blogger’s Bash Awards! I can already think of several blogs I’d like […]

Guest Post: Charles Yallowitz and Legends of Windermere

Today I welcome Charles Yallowitz back to Journey to Ambeth, with a rather big announcement. His first Legends Of Windermere […]

Thursday Doors – Museum of Traditional Architecture, Dubai

This door is part of the Museum of Traditional Architecture in Dubai. I wrote about our visit to the museum […]

Wednesday Wander – Guildhall, London

I wasn’t really sure where to wander to this week, so took to scrolling through my photographs in an effort […]

When The Forest Calls

I’ve had one of those days today where I’ve done a little bit of lots of things, but not much […]

Thursday Doors – Around the Corner

This tiny little door is just near to where I live, part of a fence bordering a residential property. My […]

Wednesday Wander – EMP, Seattle: Part II

Last week I wandered to the EMP Museum in Seattle, a Frank O. Gehry architectural masterpiece. My post featured images […]

When A Character's Story Ends

Killing your darlings. I’m certainly not the first writer to use this phrase, nor will I be the last. In […]

#writephoto Challenge – In Memory Bound

‘Bind her.’ The Forest King turned away, his crown of leaves gleaming in the last light of day. She called […]

Author Interviews @AuthorHelenJ #authors #writers

I’m over visiting Lucy at Blonde Write More today 🙂 She’s invited me to sit in the Big Red Chair […]