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I visited Doll Tor with Sue just last year, and it’s one of my favourite places I’ve been with her. […]

Wednesday Wander Revisited – Highgate Cemetery

Last week I reposted one of my Wednesday Wander posts, in response to the fact that any sort of non-essential […]

Wednesday Wander Revisited – A Trip To Dragonstone, Part 1

When I was about a year into blogging I started a regular feature called a Wednesday Wander, where I’d write […]

A Tangled Path – Where Do We Go From Here?

As we move through these strange times, I suppose we each have our way of dealing with what’s going on. […]

Choosing the future

Food for thought from the always wonderful Sue Vincent…

Strange Days

It’s been a rather bizarre month, hasn’t it? I know that’s a wild understatement, and that there are very many […]

Just Magic

The other day I visited the Magic Faraway Tree. It was deserted, which seemed strange for a portal to another […]

#writephoto – Beyond The Storm

Another lovely #writephoto prompt from Sue Vincent. Here’s my take on her image – and if you want to give […]

#writephoto – Horizon

Gosh, I haven’t done a #writephoto in ages! Not for lack of inspiration – Sue has a knack for capturing […]

Working On A Co-Author Project

January is almost over (I cannot believe it), and I’ve spent most of this month, as I did December, in […]

Dragons and A Brand New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday break 🙂 I know I’ve been a bit […]

A Trip Into The Past – Den Gamle By, Denmark

In my previous post, I talked about a recent trip I took to Denmark. It was an impromptu trip, so […]