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How Does Your NaNo Grow?

It’s the first week of November and, for many of you out there, it’s also the first week of this […]

Funny Little Bird Stone

I live in a landscape made of flint and chalk, tumbled like the bones of the earth within dark soil. […]

Thursday Doors – Silves, Portugal

This lovely little door is set into a wall on an ancient street, directly across from a twelfth century cathedral […]

Wednesday Wander – El Morro, San Juan

El Morro, or, to give it its full name, Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, is a sixteenth century fortress guarding […]

Reflections, Fireworks and a Zombie Prom Queen

I’ve been out and about these last few days, as half term winds down and the celebration season winds up. […]

Helen Says…Radio Waves, Lollops and One Hit Wonders: We Are Born To Be Alive

Another reblog – I know! But today I’m visiting Steve at Steve Says, with a post about the disco classic, […]

Hills & Valleys

I know I’ve done a few reblogs lately – it’s because I’ve been out visiting in blogland this week – […]

The Friday Fiction Featuring Helen Jones

Today I’m visiting my author- and bloggy-friend, Ali Isaac, with an excerpt from my latest release, A Thousand Rooms. If […]

Thursday Doors – Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon

This lovely door with wisteria crown belongs to one of the buildings at Shakespeare’s birthplace, Straford-Upon-Avon. There are several sixteenth […]

Self-publishing and the snobbery issue

A wonderful post by Alison Williams – just had to share 🙂

Wednesday Wander – Manyana Beach

My wander this week is to Manyana Beach, on the NSW coast south of Sydney, Australia. I visited Manyana many […]

An Author Event

I had an author event this past weekend. That sounds rather grand, doesn’t it? Three of Hertfordshire’s busiest libraries are […]