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Hinting at Shadows ~ Published #NewRelease

Check out the debut release, Hinting At Shadows, by Sarah Brentyn. A collection of short fiction, ‘these are stories that […]

Wednesday Wander – Ancient Rome

I spent most of today wandering around Roman ruins and a museum with a group of children from my daughter’s […]

Jack Of All Trades

I was thinking, the other day, about all the different jobs I’ve had. Apart from four months off after having […]

A Head Full Of Should

I woke up today with a head full of ‘should.’ Mondays often start that way – a list of things […]

A Girly Weekend

I had such a fab time with these wonderful women – thank to all of them for book talk, life […]

A Wild Ride

I tried this whole planning thing. Honestly, I really did. I spent ages making little chart-y things and tables, planning […]

A Thousand Rooms Author Interview

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may be aware that I recently published my fourth novel, A […]

Thursday Doors – Red, Pink And Tangled

These two rather fetching doors live in the old part of town, where buildings stretch back in time to the […]

A Thousand Rooms, on Lisa Burton Radio

Well. I was going to post about a door (and I think I will still post about a door later) […]

Shortlist Revealed…

Well, this has cheered me up a bit – I’ve been shortlisted in Esther Newton’s Flash Fiction competition! Thanks, Esther […]

Wednesday Wander – Koalas Koala-ing

I woke up today and felt the need for some cuteness in my life, so for this week’s Wednesday Wander […]

Book Of The Month – Conor Kelly And The Fenian King – by Ali Isaac @aliisaac_

My lovely friend Ali’s book is Hugh’s Book of the Month, over at Hugh’s Views and News! Ali writes beautifully […]